Congress Approves Homeowner Stimulus Program. Here's How To Get The $3,588 Benefit in March 2022

Updated February 7, 2022: Homeowners need to do this before April...

American Homeowners have new reason to be looking forward to April as we roll into spring with hope and promise of economic recovery. The new Congress Mortgage Relief Program is the latest example. It's a mortgage reduction program aimed at helping homeowners take advantage of lower rates and payments.

Homeowners across the US are being urged to check if they qualify before this program expires. It's the largest mortgage rate reduction program Americans have ever seen, with homeowners seeing up to $3,588 extra savings in their bank accounts annually.

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This Congress Mortgage Relief Program is still available so people are racing to claim this offer to see how much they can save per year on their home payments. There is no cost & no obligation to calculate savings.

If you owe less than $331,760 on your home, you may be eligible for the Congress relief program, but you must apply for it. Be sure to check if you're eligible before time runs out

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The national average for savings with this program is $3,588/year. American Homeowners who owe more that $100,000 on their mortgages are probably being wrongfully overcharged. We recommend readers who want to save on their home payments to check this website immediately to see if they can benefit from the program. It only takes a few minutes to see how much you can save.

If you meet at least 2 of these requirements, you may be eligible for significant savings

Live in a single-family home (apartments and mobile homes do not qualify)
Have a credit rating of "Good" or better
Owe between $100,000 and $331,761 on your mortgage

Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Click here or select how long you've lived in your home below

Step 2: Complete the form on the next page to immediately check your eligibility for up to $3,588 in savings back into your wallet

0-3 Years 4-9 Years 10-19 Years 20-29 Years 30-39 Years 40+ Years

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